Using of Pronoun

  1. As Subject

She is a good girl

  1. As Predicate

It is me

It is mine

  1. As Object
    I love her

  1. Reflexive : is pronoun that shows the action back to the doer

The words : my self, your self, her self, him self, it self

· Real reflexive

o As direct object

You kill yourself

o As indirect object

Marina gives herself a flower

o After preposition

He speaks to himselft

· As emphasize

o After subject

I myself do the exercise

o After object

She is cleaning the floor by herself

  1. Indefinite : it is a pronoun that shows the number unclear yet

The words are : those who, it, some, any, one, someone, somebody, anyone, anybody, everyone, everybody, most, all, no one, no body none, something, anything, nothing, both, each, either, neither, another, few, a little, little

  1. Reciprocal : it is a pronoun that shows the mutual understanding

The words namely :

Each other : for two people

One another : for more than two people

eg. Rudi and Intan love each other

The crowded hit to one another

  1. Interrogative : is interrogative word that is used to be followed by auxiliary verb or finite verb

The words are :

Who specially for person to ask about subject

Whom specially for person to ask about object

What specially for out of person to ask about subject or object

Which specially for asking choice

Whose specially for asking possessive or owner

o What & who can straight to fv, except do/does

Who called you last night ?

o Whom + aux. v must do/does & nominal

With whom do you live ?

o What + aux/fv

What broke the glass of window ?

o Which + aux

Which is your book ?

o Whose + aux + N

Whose is this vail ?

  1. Personal : is pronoun that subtitute the person or the personalized

As nominative : i, you, we, they, she, he, it

As objective : me, you, us, them, her, him, it

  1. Possesive : is posses word that stands by it self

The words are : mine, yours, ours, theirs, hers, his, its

eg. I have many books, mine will be sold to him

eg. This book is mine and that is yours

  1. Demonstrative : is pronoun that re – explain the thing all ready passed

The words are : this, that, these, those, such, the others, yonder

o This book is mine and that is yours

o Ana and ani are twins the former lives with her parent in Jakarta while the latter lives with her grandparent in Bandung

o Her house is here but yonder is her grandma’s house

  1. Relative : is pronoun to connect/relate between antecedent with the other sentence

The words are : who, whom, whose, that, what

Who + V/aux

eg. The boy who plays football with me is your friend

Whom + S + to do something (nominative)

eg. The chairman whom we invite will come next sunday

Whose + noun

eg. The book whose colour is blue is good

Which + aux. v, S to do

eg. The ant wich made a hole in that garden is the king of the ant


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