Verb is a word that explains something about subject in a sentence.


  • Based on using
    • Finite Verb is limited verb for subject or the first verb in the sentence without “to”

eg. Nita comes to my house


    • Infinitive Verb is unlimited verb because it can be used as subject, predicate, object, complement and adverb or the original verb use “to”
      • Infinitive Verb as Subject

eg. To smoke in public area is forbidden

      • Infinitive Verb as Predicate

eg. Indonesian embassy is to close

      • Infinitive Verb as Object

eg. We need to take rest a while

      • Infinitive Verb as Complement

eg. She likes a scoundrel to be punished

      • Infinitive Verb as Adverb

eg. She goes to talk with me

  • Based on predicate
    • Transitive Verb is a verb which needs object

eg. Ari likes meat ball


    • Intransitive Verb is a verb which needs no object

eg. My uncle goes to Bogor

IV Adv.

    • Complement Verb is a verb of incomplete predication

The words are :

look seem grow remains taste

appear turn run feel get

become go make sound drive

  • Based on form
    • Reguler Verb

eg. V1 V2 V3

watch watched watched

    • Irreguler Verb

eg. V1 V2 V3

sing sang sung


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