Vacation to Taman Safari

One month ago, my aunt invited me to go to Taman Safari. I was really happy because I have never been to that place. Besides, I had time off. So, on Sunday at 06.00 am I went to Taman Safari with my aunt, my nephew, my sister, my aunt’s friends, and a driver. I was really excited because it was my first trip to Taman Safari. At that moment I didn’t know what I would see in Taman Safari and what kind of situation over there.

I could not wait to enter Taman Safari, then I saw my watch the time showed it’s 08.00 am. Two hours seemed to be a short time for me, maybe because I was too excited. When I stepped my foot to the ground I was shocked. “What?! It’s not Taman Safari, it’s Taman Dinosaurus.” I was really disappointed but I followed them to enter that place. My nephew, my aunt, and the others looked happy to see a giant creature which was named dinosaur but I didn’t. We spent 15 minutes in Taman Dinosaurus then we leaved that place. I was little bit sulky but I felt happy again, after knowing that a place that would be visited after Taman Dinosaurus was Taman Safari. Then I knew why we came to Taman Dinosaurus, it was because my nephew was conscious to that place. When I knew the reason I could smile anymore.

Thirty minutes later we arrived in Taman Safari. I could not stop smiling and hide my happy face. After my aunt had paid our ticket, our car passed through the Taman Safari’s gate. We could not get out from our car because the animal hanged around along the street. We opened our window just a little because we were going to feed eat all the animals. If we opened all of the windows, we were afraid that the animals would attack us. We gave them a carrot that we have bought in the market before we went. The mouth of animals looked very funny when they chewed a carrot that was given by us. But, the funniest part when a passenger from other car would like to give a carrot to our driver. Everybody laughed hard until we got tire.

I could see many kinds of animal that I could not see in the zoo. But, it was very stinky out there, so sometimes we might hold our breath. We looked around and hoped that we wouldn’t pass by one animal from our eyes. About one hour we traced along that street. Then we parked our car in parking lot because we wanted to have a lunch in the park. The food that has been cooked by my aunt was very delicious I ate it very scoff.

I thought, in Taman Safari we only saw animals, but I was wrong because near from the park I could see a playground looked like in Dufan but smaller that it. We played there for a long time because there were many interesting games that we found. Besides, we could take a picture with the animal, of course with the tame animal and usually we had to pay ten thousands rupiahs for it. About two kilometers from the playground we could find many attractions such as attraction from dolphin, lion, monkey, bird, and from the others animal but the attraction that most interesting was attraction from the cowboys. We could see attraction from the animals in the zoo in our town. But, we could see the cowboys show only in Taman Safari.

The cowboys show was very interesting attraction. We could see many skilled people, it looked like in a circus but there was a drama on it. I watched the people hang down, fight, jump down from the building, shoot each other, and I was amazed when I saw burn and bomb effect. And sometimes the cowboy shoot the drum which was full of water. So, the water wetted the audience and they shouted spontaneously. Beside the people, there were many animals played an important role in that show. It was really fabulous, this show succeed entertain the audience.

After watching that show we went to go around Taman Safari again. At that moment I met with artist such as Giring, he is the vocalist form nidji band beside Giring there are Annisa Trihapsari and Sultan Jordy with their family. Then, we bought some gift from trip for our family at home. We were tired, after having dinner in the restaurant near the parking lot then we decided to go home. At 10.00 pm I arrived at home and there were my family who has been waiting for us. I gave the gift from trip to my family. Then, I entered my room trying to sleep and to dream.

I really enjoyed my vacation in Taman Safari. I hope sometimes I can go to Taman Safari again and I hope my aunt will treat me again in other vacation.


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